Anti Money Laundering

Our Money Laundering training explains the responsibilities of organisations and individuals to prevent money laundering. The consequences of money laundering to society, to organisations and to individuals who fail to prevent it are explained. It is made clear that allowing others to launder money through ignorance or inaction can lead to serious penalties for both the employer and the  individuals concerned, particularly if the money is being used to fund terrorism.


  • Money laundering with typical examples.
  • How to watch for signs of money laundering.
  • What you need to do if you suspect money laundering

Learning Objectives:

While the course provides a suitable introduction for Money Laundering Reporting Officers and other people nominated to have responsibility for money laundering issues in an organisation, people in specialist roles should also receive training specific to their industry or business type. Similarly, the course provides an introduction for staff in a regulated sector which should be backed up by specific guidance and training approved by their supervisory body.

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24 - 28 Oct 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm




London, United Kingdom


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